Power Pong 3000 Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong 3000 Table Tennis Robot

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By far the best innovation of the last few years in the area of table tennis ball machines is the affordable three-wheels design robot developed by LCS Ltd. in Hungary. This company is not only the developer but also the sole manufacturer of this leading technology. Power Pong has an exclusive distributorship contract with LCS Ltd. as they continuously produce, upgrade, and ship robots directly to Power Pong. LCS Ltd. Is also the manufacturer of the Amicus robots for Butterfly of Europe and they supplying Butterfly of North America.

Comparing the three-wheel design of LSC Ltd. with the one- or two-wheel designs of other manufacturers, the three-wheel design with its outstanding ball placement system is a superior solution for delivering realistic drills with different types of serves, different amounts of spin and speed combinations than the one- or two-wheel designs made by other companies. 

What makes this design exceptional is the leading technology that turns the wheels quickly forward or backward, and increases or decreases the speed of the wheels in order to produce different types and different amounts of spin and speed combinations. It is able to deliver serves with different amounts of under spin, sidespin and topspin one after the other or randomly.

It producing much heavier topspin shots and under spin/sidespin serves than any other design on the market.

The user-friendly control panel with the touch of a button makes it easy to increase or decrease the amount of speed, spin and height of each shot and to set up combination drills suitable for both novice and high level players.

 LCS Ltd. is continuously working on upgrades, including a bluetooth like technology, and these upgrades will be available for Power Pong customers.

Three Years Parts and Labor Warranty – Our warranty includes a one day turnaround service. In the very rear case when something would go wrong Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within 24 hours after receiving it.

The Power Pong 3000 ball machine has 99 memory slots, You may save different type of drills In each memory slots. Each drills may include simple or highly advanced drills with no spin, under spin, side spin and topspin combinations. This is also one of the few designs with 10 Cluster memory slots, and able to store and play up to 33 different type of drills in each cluster. You may play these drills one after the other or randomly giving the user a real time game experience.