Power Pong 2000 Table Tennis Robot

Power Pong 2000 Table Tennis Robot

  • $1,499.00


The PP2000 allows you to set up to six different types of shots in each drill. Shots may include under spin, sidespin and topspin combinations. It plays complex ball sequences.

– For each ball spin, speed, trajectory and placement is individually adjustable:

– Drills could start with serve and follow with simple or complex ball sequences.

– New: AFC function  “Automatic Frequency Control” for automatic adjustment of the time intervals

between balls with different speed and spin.

– Up to 22 saved exercises

– Upgradable to the Power Pong 3000 Robot

In addition to this highly advanced machine, Power Pong also offers the best warranty and that makes our robots the best choice on the market

Power Pong offers 3 years parts and labor warranty and that includes a one day fix or replace service. This kind of service is unheard of in the industry and our customers were never disappointed with our service.

All robot components made in Hungary by LCS. Kft. Power Pong receives it’s products directly from the manufacturer and is trained to service these excellent machines. The power supply is made in China.